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GreenLight Biosciences and EpiVax Therapeutics Sign Exclusive Collaboration Agreement to Develop Personalized Cancer Vaccines

January 09, 2023 07:20 ET | Source: GreenLight Biosciences

  • The effort will combine GreenLight’s mRNA design and manufacturing expertise with EpiVax’s advanced Ancer® pipeline for personalized cancer vaccine design

  • Epivax Therapeutics, Inc. will contribute a proprietary set of immunoinformatics tools for rapidly identifying and differentiating highly immunogenic neo-antigens from epitopes that induce immune tolerance

  • GreenLight will contribute proprietary RNA technology allowing mRNA design, formulation, and manufacturing

BOSTON and PROVIDENCE, R.I., Jan. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GreenLight Biosciences Holdings, PBC (Nasdaq:GRNA), and EpiVax Therapeutics Inc, today announced that they have signed an exclusive collaboration agreement to jointly develop and commercialize personalized mRNA-based vaccine candidates for cancers.

GreenLight Biosciences is a public benefit corporation striving to bring effective and safe RNA-based solutions to make food clean and affordable for everyone and dedicated to developing health solutions for every person on our planet. Epivax Theraeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company with extensive experience in immune-engineering more effective vaccines that recently completed an end-to-end computational pipeline for the design of precision cancer immunotherapies, Ancer®.

Under this collaboration, the companies will design and develop new personalized mRNA cancer vaccine candidates using GreenLight and EpiVax Therapeutics technology platforms. EpiVax Therapeutics has developed a proprietary computational tool for precision immunotherapy, Ancer®, an end-to-end, automated platform that integrates multiple advanced algorithms into a single pipeline to rapidly design custom therapies for individual cancer patients using each patient’s own tumor genome sequence as the starting point for the vaccine design. The Ancer® algorithms include two extensively validated tools, EpiMatrix® and JanusMatrix™, which, when used together, identify the most immunogenic CD8 and CD4 neoepitopes while excluding potentially tolerogenic epitopes that may reduce vaccine efficacy. EpiVax Therapeutics was the first personalized vaccine company to use computational tools to identify tolerogenic epitopes in neoantigens and to exclude these from cancer vaccine designs. EpiVax Therapeutics’ pipeline currently includes vaccine design capacity for bladder cancers and other solid tumors.

GreenLight’s mRNA design, formulation and manufacturing expertise is currently applied to research and develop mRNA vaccine candidates, including a collaboration with the NIH to develop a next generation Covid vaccine, and a multi-target license agreement with Serum Institute of India, which includes developing a shingles vaccine candidate. GreenLight has also completed two commercial-scale engineering runs manufacturing mRNA at scale, in partnership with Samsung Biologics. This includes production of drug substance and lipid nanoparticle formulation to produce bulk drug product in a single facility, producing 650g of mRNA.

Together, GreenLight and EpiVax Therapeutics will leverage their respective expertise and jointly develop and commercialize potential novel personalized mRNA-based vaccine candidates for a wide range of oncology indications.

“We are delighted to partner with EpiVax Therapeutics, to expedite development of personalized cancer vaccine candidates using GreenLight’s RNA platform,” said Andrey Zarur, CEO of GreenLight. “We are excited to combine our mRNA design and manufacturing expertise with EpiVax Therapeutics’ neoantigen discovery platform and oncology expertise to build towards a future of accessible and timely oncology vaccines.”

EpiVax Therapeutics CEO, Nicole Ruggiero, added, “I am excited by what lies ahead. We have found the ideal partner for our personalized vaccine program in GreenLight Biosciences. Combining our advanced Ancer pipeline for personalized cancer vaccine design with GreenLight’s expertise in mRNA production is a win-win for the companies and for cancer patients.”

About EpiVax Therapeutics:

EpiVax Therapeutics, Inc. is a privately-held biotechnology company focusing on developing precision cancer immunotherapies. Incorporated in 2017, EpiVax Therapeutics spun-out of EpiVax Inc., a privately held immunoinformatics and vaccine design company founded by Dr. Annie De Groot and Mr. Bill Martin in 1998. EpiVax Therapeutics’ personalized vaccine design platform, Ancer®, incorporates the world-class EpiMatrix® system and the innovative JanusMatrix™ tool, which were exclusively licensed to EpiVax Therapeutics for use in Ancer, by EpiVax. The Ancer® platform is an end-to-end, biopsy-to-vaccine design platform that reduces the time required to develop personalized vaccines to hours rather than days while uncovering the most immunogenic neoantigens for precision cancer immunotherapy. More information about EpiVax Therapeutics is available at

About GreenLight:

Founded in 2008, GreenLight aims to address some of the world’s biggest problems by delivering on the full potential of RNA for human health and agriculture. In human health, this includes messenger RNA vaccines and therapeutics. In agriculture, this includes RNA to protect honeybees and a range of crops. The company’s breakthrough cell-free RNA platform, which is protected by numerous patents, allows for cost-effective production of RNA. GreenLight’s human health product candidates are in the pre-clinical stage, and its product candidates for the agriculture market are in the early stages of development or regulatory review. GreenLight is a public benefit corporation that trades under the ticker GRNA on Nasdaq. For more information, including our latest investor presentation and other materials, please visit

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Contacts (GreenLight):

Media Contact:

Thomas Crampton
SVP Corporate Affairs
GreenLight Biosciences

Investor Contact:

Ingrid Fung
Director, Enterprise Operations and Strategy & Head of Investor Relations
GreenLight Biosciences

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Contacts (Epivax Therapeutics):

Guilhem Richard
CTO, EpiVax Therapeutics, Inc.

Nicole Ruggiero
CEO, EpiVax Therapeutics, Inc.

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