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EPV-CoV-19 is a T cell based vaccine designed using the iVAX platform [1]. This first-generation vaccine candidate includes highly conserved T cell epitopes (CD8 and CD4) from SARS-CoV-2.
EPV-CoV-19 is designed to be highly efficacious. Its peptides are both antigenic and immunogenic [2]. Our disease target is vaccine preventable, and we know that T cells are critical to mounting immune responses that confer protection. In addition, efficacy trials of currently approved COVID-19 vaccines demonstrate protection against symptomatic disease after T cell induction and before neutralizing antibodies are observed [3-6].



iVAX consists of a suite of immunoinformatics tools for the design of epitope driven vaccines

Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases represent a significant challenge for next-generation vaccine design and bioterror preparedness. We have composed a suite of online immunoinformatics tools for the accelerated design of proteome-derived, epitope-driven vaccines [1]. Using the Conservatrix algorithm, mutable pathogenic genomes can be probed for highly conserved segments, which are then mapped for T cell epitopes and regions of high epitope density using EpiMatrix and ClustiMer. JanusMatrix (a homology analysis tool for examining pathogen/host sequence similarity with respect to the HLA and TCR faces of an epitope) is used to eliminate sequences which could potentially elicit an undesired autoimmune or regulatory T cell response due to homology with the human genome. Immunogenic Consensus Sequences are created by EpiAssembler, a tool which optimizes the balance between pathogen and population coverage. VaccineCAD links candidate epitopes into a string-of-beads design while minimizing nonspecific junctional epitopes that may be created in the linking process.
With proof of principle established in animal models for vaccines against tularemia, Vaccinia and H. pylori, the iVAX toolkit has become a rapid, efficient, easily accessible and broadly applicable solution for accelerating the development of critically important vaccines for human health and biodefense.


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