An Emerging Biotechnology Startup

EpiVax Therapeutics ('EVT'), founded in 2017, employs a world-leading technology, developed over 22 years by EpiVax, to design vaccines that aim to activate the body’s T cells to cure or prevent disease in the host. EVT’s pipeline includes a COVID-19 vaccine and a personalized bladder cancer vaccine.



Taking Cancer Personally

The company's precision cancer immunotherapy arm, is developing mutanome-directed, neo-epitope personalized immunotherapies. EVT’s immunotherapies are customized and specifically designed for each cancer patient’s tumors, leveraging advances in next generation sequencing and computational immunology.

Our superior neo-epitope selection process is based on Ancer™, advanced in-silico machine-learning algorithms, exclusively licensed to EVT by EpiVax.

This division of EVT is addressing major unmet medical needs that are inadequately addressed by existing immuno-oncology approaches.​



Driving a T cell-mediated immune response

Scientists at EpiVax designed EPV-CoV-19 – a peptide-based, epitope-driven vaccine – utilizing their validated computational toolkit (iVAX), which enabled the selection of sequences representing all circulating SARS-CoV-2 genomes that will drive a T cell-mediated immune response, with the goal of providing recipients with immune system “body armor”, reducing their risk of severe COVID-19 disease.
With in-licensing the COVID-19 vaccine program, EVT is broadening its pipeline and application of its platform beyond its clinical-stage personalized cancer vaccine program.