Saving Lives Through Precision Medicine

EpiVax Therapeutics (EVT), founded in 2017, is a biotechnology company whose mission is to bring the innovative vaccine and immunomodulatory technologies developed by EpiVax Inc. (founded in 1998 by Dr. Anne De Groot and William Martin) to the clinic to improve patient outcomes in cancer, allergy and autoimmune diseases. Our mission is to use proprietary and trade secret capabilities in the field of T cell epitope discovery to design new vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases.



Taking Cancer Personally

We design safe and effective personalized cancer vaccines (PCVs) using our proprietary immunoinformatics platform (Ancer®). 
We employ a proprietary fast track manufacturing process to enable treatment in neoadjuvant setting.



Driving a T cell-mediated immune response

We are broadening our pipeline and application of our platforms beyond personalized cancer vaccines. Our SARS-CoV-2 vaccine was designed using the iVAX proprietary computational platform, aiming to drive a strong T cell mediated immune response.