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EpiVax Therapeutics Appoints Nicole Ruggiero as Chief Executive Officer and Guilhem Richard as Chief Technology Officer

PROVIDENCE, RI, March 29, 2022 -- EpiVax Therapeutics, Inc. ('EVT') is excited to announce the appointment of Nicole Ruggiero as Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Ruggiero joined EVT as Chief Operating Officer in July of 2021. She began her career in vaccines and biologics as a researcher at Novartis and later GSK, where she played a key role in the development of several vaccine candidates. Ms. Ruggiero has held leadership roles in business development, program management, and operations. 

“Over the years, I have had the honor to contribute to the discovery and development of several vaccines and therapeutics - a journey that has fueled my passion to continue this important work. Today, I am honored to have the opportunity to lead the amazing team at EpiVax Therapeutics into the next phase of the company’s growth. EpiVax Therapeutics is a precision medicine company that has the potential to dramatically change the outcomes of cancer immunotherapy through its cutting-edge technology, Ancer” said Ms. Ruggiero. 

In addition, Guilhem Richard, Ph.D., has been appointed to Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Richard joined EpiVax, Inc. in 2014 and was later appointed to Lead Computational Immunologist at EVT, heading the development of EVT's neoantigen platform, Ancer®.

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